Wednesday, April 25, 2012

:: 35 before 35 - #7

I completed another off of my 35 before 35 list.
This time it was #7.
I ran a Ragnar Relay
12 people, 203 miles, 24 hours.
We did the SoCal Ragnar and ran from Huntington Beach to Coronado in San Diego.
We each had 3 legs of running and I ran 4.6 miles, 4.7 miles, and then 6.4 miles.
It was definitely a challenge, but I'm so happy I did it.
{even if during my first leg, I told myself I'd never do this again - - at the end of the relay
I changed my mind and will definitely be doing it again}

We were sponsored by Arctic Zero {the yummy frozen dessert}
so our team was fittingly named Arctic Zero.
By the way, have you tried that stuff?
A pint for only 150 calories.
That sounds like my kind of dessert.
It's delicious!

After only 3.5 hours of sleep, eating and drinking a ton, baby wipe baths, 
and becoming bff's with the porta potty,
I was the lucky one to run across the finish line.
I was excited to get it over with, especially since I knew that
my hubby and my girls would be waiting at the finish line.
It was definitely worth it to see their faces.

If you ever get an opportunity to do one, sign up!

We also had fun tagging cars with our Arctic Zero logo.
Don't worry, it was totally legal.

Come back tomorrow for a yummy giveaway!
{hint - ragnar sponsor . . .}

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  1. you are seriously amazing!!! Great job! Can't wait for the giveaway :)