Wednesday, April 4, 2012

:: Craigslist Find - computer armoire

I LOVE scouring craigslist.
I've bought a countless number of items from using that website and have saved a lot of money.

Well, one day last year, I was looking in the free section.
I came across a free computer armoire.
It was from the owner of a storage unit.
A man had bought the unit (anyone watch Storage Wars? - love it!)
took the stuff he wanted and then just gave the rest to the owner.
The owner wanted to get rid of it so he was giving it away on Craigslist.
He was also giving away a dresser that we brought home too - - I'll post about that soon.

It sat in our garage for awhile.
Wasn't sure what I would use it for.
Then I thought about using it as a clothing armoire for the girls' room.
And I turned their walk-in closet into a small "library" room.

I debated about painting it.
It's this yellow-ish color,
but had some friends talk me out of it.
And I didn't have to antique it at all - - it was already done!
It actually meshes well with the gold in the bedding.

And I'm being very vulnerable right now.
Showing you the mess their closet is.
They really do have way too many clothes!
Thank goodness it closes, right?

{I need more bins that fit those two small cubbies on the right so that 
their pj's aren't thrown in there. - - I really do fold their clothes, but this is Reese's 
favorite spot to hang out which means clothes are always coming out and I'm too lazy to refold them.}

I'll need to post what the room looks like now with the two of them in there.
You can see what it looked like before, here {as a nursery}.


  1. oh goodness! that's a beautiful peice! lucky you got it for free! i love CL!

  2. It's a perfect closet! Very nice idea!