Wednesday, April 11, 2012

:: Family Happenings - easter

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!
We had a pretty good weekend.

And we didn't go out of town or anything, I've just been lazy 
and busy with work.
But I'm back!

The girls loved coloring their easter eggs.
And had way too many easter egg hunts.

And then, last minute, I made their easter skirts.
I try to make outfits for them for Christmas and Easter (if it's not too crazy).
Easter sorta crept up on me this year.

{skirts: made by me, using amy butler fabric
 blouses: gap, $5 spring clearance}


  1. So cute! And what a genius idea to use a whisk for egg dying. Will have to try that next year.

  2. The girls look cute- fun to establish traditions.

  3. Those skirts are SOO cute! What type of Fabric is that? I know you said it's Amy Butler, but is it cotton? Looks a little bit heavier than cotton, is why I ask. :)