Friday, March 12, 2010

DIY Obsession: Hardwood Floors

Okay. So, I'm being featured today on an amazing blog.

I'm so stinkin excited. Just ask my hubby. I was so giddy when I found out.
I found her blog a few months ago while blog hopping. After seeing her post on her kitchen cabinets (one of my next projects), I was in love with her blog and couldn't stop checking out her jaw dropping transformations. Check out her French Guestroom here. And not only is she gorgeous, but she's as sweet as can be. I'm the first one being featured on her "feature friday" and can't wait to see who is next! Thank you Kristin!

So, I guess there's not a better time than now, then to post about our hardwood floor DIY project. I'd been waiting a while to post until we completely finished everything (still waiting to complete two more rooms and I wanted to get the baseboards up - - anyone know of where to buy baseboards for cheap?), but can't wait any longer.

We love the look of hardwood floors and did our research. We wanted to do it as cheap as possible but of course good quality floors. We found an amazing deal at Simple Floors. They had a deal the week after Thanksgiving where they'd give you 10% cashback. We'd probably never see anything like this again, so we couldn't pass it up!

Due to our limited expenses, we had to do it ourselves. We'd decided to do it during my husband's 2 week Christmas break. But between going to Vegas and SLC during the break for Christmas to visit family, we'd only be able to do the whole house on a weekend. HaHa! My sweet hubby said that he and his friends/family would be able to do it all one Saturday. I just smiled and nodded. Oh sweet hubby.

One Thursday and Friday night my hubby and I did the demolition. Can I tell you how much I can't stand tack boards? Our backs were dying the next day. Where was our cute little girl? Oh, probably being hypnotized by that screen in the family room and running around on the cement floor. Poor girl.

That Saturday was the big day. We definitely couldn't have done it without 3 amazing family members. They were awesome (and so were their wives for letting them spend all day . . . right before Christmas . . . all day . . . did I mention all day? installing the floors) I was actually a little bummed that I had to work, but someone's gotta save lives I guess. I really wanted to help. They were able to get our family room, foyer, and both hallways finished. It looked beautiful! I love my floors.

A few days in January, my hubby and I put the floors in the guest bedroom and our daughters room (pictures coming soon!).

We were able to save thousands of dollars by doing this ourselves. Of course it took a lot of time and energy, but you can do it! It's definitely worth it. Oh . . . and I'm still loving my green walls (it's pretty funny to see people's reactions . . . "oh, it's . . . green" , "was this painted like this when you moved in?")

What DIY project are you working on?


  1. Yay! I'm so excited for you! I checked it out and love everything (no surprise there :)

    I want you to come over and help me with my front room! I'm turning it into a gallery/meeting place for clients and while I have some fun ideas, I just don't have your "gift!" :)

  2. I love the color you picked!!! The floors look wonderful. I really want to come stay with you guys sometime this summer. Can we?

  3. Hi Amy, I have just popped over from Kristin's blog to say Hi:) I love your new floors and the feature on you and your home that Kristin has done is just gorgeous:) You have a beautiful home and your blog is lovely (I love the pillowcase dress you made)!! Wishing you a lovely weekend Amy ~ Tina x

  4. Amy- your house is amazing! Love it! Want to come help me decorate mine and teach me a few things? If we ever head your way I would love to check out the whole place. Hope you are doing well!

  5. What a great job you did with the hardwood floor. I know from first hand experience how much work that is because this past December my husband and I put in hardwood in our family room - you can see a photo here

    I found your blog from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia and am very impressed with all your sewing, decorating, and thrift store finds.

  6. Hi Amy, I just found your blog and I love it! Love the hardwood, love the slipcovers, beautiful room! We're hoping to put in hardwood floors soon too. I'm off to check out the rest of your blog, enjoy your weekend, Deb

  7. I came over from the feature at Kristin's and I signed up to follow and hope you will come over and do the same.


  8. Way to go! It looks amazing! My neighbors did that the other day and we helped for only part of the process - it looked like a ton of work! But it looks fabulous!!

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  10. Beautiful ... absolutely beautiful.

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