Thursday, March 4, 2010

Garden Obsession: veggie garden

I'm longing for a garden. Specifically one that grows fruits and veggies. We moved in at the end of summer last year and have done nothing to our backyard. Oh . . . but we have plans. Don't you worry.

My hubby has spring break next week. Guess what we'll be doing? I can't wait. I'm still searching the web for some more inspiration. Below is a picture of our designated garden space.

At times I'm a doodler. I was imagining my veggie garden. Don't judge. I'm not an artist. . . . . . . imagining stepping stones around our garden, a grapevine on the right side, a trellis against the wall of our house. I don't know. Just excited. There's nothing like home-grown tomatoes, zuchhini, carrots, and the list goes on and on.

Some inspiration found on the web.



Do you have any suggestions?


  1. Check out Home Gardens to Go and also Square Foot Gardening.

  2. No suggestions but it sounds fun. I love home grown veggies too. They have so much flavor.

  3. Like your last image, we have built 3 raised bed gardens for our daughter and she loves them.
    I like your sketch and the ideas you have and think your plan would be beautiful!
    Good luck and happy planting!

  4. I second checking out square foot gardening. We worked with the guy he developed that idea at my old job. Seems like a good way to go! I'm so excited to plant my garden too!