Thursday, December 8, 2011

:: Christmas - scrabble ornament

When I'm at thrift stores, I'm always on a lookout for scrabble games.
Do you know how many crafts you could make with those pieces?!

Anyway, I found a game and they've been 
sitting in our laundry room gathering dust.

{side story - - we don't play scrabble at our house cause the hubby despised it.
although now his favorite computer game is 'words with friends'
and now all of the sudden he wants to play scrabble.
but, because sometimes I'm too prideful and so annoyed that
he complained about that game for 5 years - whenever my family played it, 
I decided to do with it what it was bought for - to make a craft.  :)  don't worry.
I'm sure I'll find another scrabble game soon and we'll actually play it.}

I first saw this idea here.

All you need is:
scrabble pieces
the wooden stand they sit on
a chop saw
hot glue

Pretty self-explanatory, huh.
Cut the stand down to the length of the word you want to create.
Sand edge.
Hot glue the letters to the stand.
When you get to the letter in the middle, first hot glue the twine and then 
you can hot glue the middle letter on top of the twine.
Place ribbon around
and you're ready to hang it on the tree!

I think I'll be making these with our names on them
to go on the present with the Christmas pajamas.
{we get a new Christmas ornament each year}

Be careful though.  
Little hands love these scrabble ornaments.  


  1. Those are so fun! And such a good idea to look for old game peices.

  2. I LOVE this. We might just make these for FHE tonight but do the kids' names. We never use our scrabble game since Jimmy started playing online.