Friday, December 9, 2011

:: Clothing the Littles - holiday dresses

I love little girl dresses.
Especially the holiday dresses.
This one is from H&M for only . . .
No joke.
I'm in love.
Of course it wasn't at the H&M near me.
And they don't sell online.
Has anyone seen this dress?!
{doesn't look like it'd be hard to make though - maybe I'll try}

Oh and if you're not into making Christmas dresses,
a great place to buy them is off of ebay.
Some people buy the dresses just for Christmas
and then never use them again.
So they're cheaper but still in great condition.
I found the cutest dress for Reese
for my brother's wedding in February.

It was bought from Gap for probably around $40-$50, used only a few times
and I bought it for $7.
Love it.
{but watch out.  ebay can be pretty addicting.
also, make sure you know how much shipping is because
sometimes the item will be really cheap, but the shipping is a fortune!}

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