Monday, December 19, 2011

:: Family Happenings - Wicked!!!

One of my favorite things I did last week?
Well.  Now that you ask. . . 

We FINALLY saw Wicked!!!!
It was amazing!

I've been dying to see this musical.
Well . . . about three years ago (as an anniversary gift)
the hubby gave me an "I owe you" to go see it.

I heard it was coming back to L.A.
and politely reminded him of his "I owe you".
So, he bought tickets and we went last Wednesday night
{which might be the cause of the lack of posts from last week}.

Anyway, I thought that since we were driving to L.A.
we might as well drop by the fabric district.
I've been waiting to go there for years.

So, we dropped off the girls with some family 
in San Diego and drove to L.A.
Spent a few hours in the fabric district.
{I was in heaven.  I don't think the hubby was, but I think he was happy that he wasn't studying for finals anymore, so he could care less where he was.}

umm. . . check out these yards and yard of ribbons and lace

and floor to ceiling filled with bolts of fabric . . . inexpensive fabric.

It started getting dark so we decided to go find the theatre and then
grab something to eat nearby.
Traffic was crazy.
That's why I don't live in L.A.
We found a hole-in-the-wall pupusaria (which are the best)
and ate those yummy pupusas that I constantly crave.

Here we are before it started.
Oh.  Did I mention it was amazing?!
If you ever get a chance to see it, GO!!!
And the hubby LOVED it too (no joke - and he's not a musical-lovin' guy).

**oh and if you want more info/tips on the fabric district,
then check out this link here.
Leanne has some great information!

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  1. that's awesome!

    it's coming to Phoenix soon and I'm hoping to go see it too!