Monday, November 23, 2009

Craft Obsession: edible cornucopias

If you've ever been to my family's Thanksgiving Dinner, I'm pretty sure you've seen these. Ever since I can remember, we've had these at our Thanksgiving Feast. They're edible cornucopias that we make for each place setting. And . . . the best part is that they're really easy to make.

You first want to go to your nearest grocery store and buy waffle cones and any type of candy you want to put in the cornucopias when finished (we usually do nuts, candy corn, m&ms). Also if you have any gorgeous colored leaves you've picked (my mom, usually collects them during the fall and stores them in the refrigerator until thanksgiving - - just for this little place setting), they look great underneath the cornucopia and makes your table very colorful and festive.

You want to fill up a pan of hot water and place a steamer inside (make sure the water line is below the bottom of the steamer or else you're gonna get soggy cornucopias - - out of experience). Then boil.

Once boiling, place the waffle cone inside, place lid on, and count for 30-40 seconds.

Then take it out using a tong and bend the end of the cone so it looks like a cornucopia. Leave the tong in place for about 10-15 second so it stays like that. And you're done! Well, okay, maybe not completely done. You just have to add the best part which is the candy. (parents beware . . . your children might eat this before their Thanksgiving feast . . . I know I do!)

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