Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Organization Obsession: no toy clutter

I'm obsessed with organization. I don't like clutter, although I'm not saying I'm perfect and that I'm immune to it. Clutter, at times, does seem to find me.
Before little girl A was born, we were somewhat organized. Then, once she came, you have the carseat in that corner, her diapers over there, that playmobile near the couch, etc., and faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, your house is a cluttered mess. So, we've figured a few ways to hide/organize all the cluttered messes that come with children (not saying that kids are bad, but they do have a lot of stuff).

We did happen to find at our nearest Walmart an ottoman (pleather) that looked perfect in our livingroom, but also doubled as a . . . clutter hider/toy box, whatever you want to call it. Before little girl A was born, it stored blankets. And after . . . well, that's obvious. It's storing all of her toys. And we love it cause all of her toys fit perfectly in it.
And whatdayaknow. She's even learning the "clean-up" song and is actually putting toys AWAY! I love non-clutter!


  1. All I've got to say is just wait!!! =)....

  2. Hey! I'm lovin' your new blog! I too hate clutter with a passion, but it is never-ending!!! From mail and school papers, to toys and clothes it is SO hard to keep up with, keep organized, and always have it all put away- believe me I try. Somedays I feel like I could spend the whole day tidying and keeping it under control- maybe when the kids are all gone:) I've learned that it shows life is happening around here, which is good.

  3. I have two of those ottoman's myself, one in the living room and one in the baby's room. Great idea to use them as toy storage! Litttle one wants to open them anyway, so that's a great idea!