Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baking: chocolate chip cookie preparedness

Is anyone else addicted to chocolate chip cookies like I am?
I better not be the only one.
The other day when I was making them, I thought it'd be so much easier
if I already had all of the dry ingredients in plastic ziplock bags.
That way, if I get a craving for these delicious cookies,
I'd just have to whip out the bag and then just add the wet ingredients.
{the hubster thinks this is an amazing idea too.}
I'm sure this isn't a new idea to all of you out there. Maybe you've been doing this for years. I don't know. But it seriously only took 5 minutes before they were on the pan ready to be baked. Yum.

I didn't have to deal with a huge mess . . . at that moment. Of course, you'll need to refill the bags, but that can be done another day. Another day that you don't have cookie cravings. {but really, when does that happen?}

Wow. This post is really making me hungry. Hungry for my chocolate chip cookies.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I also love chocolate chip cookies. My fav. I make 4-5 batches at once and place them in plastic wrap and freeze them. You can then unwrap, cut and place in oven for an additional minute and they are perfect. I make them enough to only feed my family a treat - no diet killer.

  2. Could you share your recipe? I have yet to try one that I really love.

  3. love this idea. i also make a big batch of cookies, bake a few and freeze the rest in ready to bake balls.