Friday, March 18, 2011

"my heart so broken"

Almost a week ago, my husband and I were watching the news in horror. Seeing what has happend in Japan, and not being able to help the people there, makes me feel, basically, just sad and helpless. I told my husband that "it just breaks my heart". Now everytime we see something about Japan, Ava has a sad face and says, "my heart so broken". Even a 3 year old is feeling the sadness.

But even though we live a world away, we can help. Not only with prayers but with donations.

Donate to the Red Cross here. {14% overhead costs - - 86% goes to help those in need}

Or to the LDS humanitarian services here. {no overhead costs - - 100% goes to help those in need}

{don't be scammed}

One of my favorite sewing bloggers is from Japan and still has family there. You can see her story here.


We live in quakin' California. And we always hear that the big one could hit anytime. So after the tragedy in Japan, I had the earthquake talk with little Ava. Not to scare her, but just so that she knows what to do in case one hits and I'm not in her reach {which scares me to death}. And it's a little silly, but random times throughout the day I'll say, "the house is shaking, the house is shaking, the house is shaking". Ava hears this and runs underneath the table, rolls up in a ball, and covers her head. It's not always perfect. One time she rolled up in a ball on top of the stool, but she's getting there. Never too young to be prepared.

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  1. Hey cute girl. Miss you! I saw this cool thing on the internet about earthquakes and they say not to go under a table because it could collapse and crush you. The advise they gave was to lie down next to something big, like a couch. If something falls it creates a little triangular pocket, just enough to miss a body. There was some crazy statistic like if everyone did that, there would be 85% fewer casualties in an earthquake. I can't remember where I saw that, but if I find it, I'll let you know.