Friday, March 18, 2011

Photography: 3 year old pictures

I finally took Ava's 3 year old pictures. And I'm loving them.

We'd seen this cool looking tree from the freeway and found the road to get to it. It made an awesome backdrop. And really, I think that's definitely part of what makes a photo shoot amazing (of course, besides the people)!

Awhile back, I'd bought a Groupon for a gift card to spend at Shabby Apple. Love. This. Store. So, I bought one for me and a birthday dress for Ava. I bought this one for me (wore in this post here). Not only do they have amazing dresses for women, but they have the cutest dresses for little girls. I wish I had enough money to buy them all! If only. The dress is located here.

Little Girls Dresses from Shabby Apple

Ava absolutely loved being there. I asked her to run towards me and for the next five minutes that's all she was doing.


  1. What a sweetie. :-) 3 can be a great age. They are still so little and cute, but full of energy and attitude (ok, well maybe not always the attitude,mine had it though):-)

  2. She's so cute! Love her little dress, and love Shabby Apple! I haven't gotten anything from them yet but just drooling and keeping a mental shopping list.