Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tribute to someone special.

This is my grandma.
Today's her big day.
She turns 90 years young.
My middle name is Norine . . . after her. And so is Ava's.
She's one of the reasons I became a nurse.
She was an army nurse during WWII.
Has a ton of hilarious stories. She tells them in a way that you might
laugh so hard you'll wet your pants.
That's how funny she is.
She has 3 children, 17 grandchildren, and way too many
great-grandchildren for me to count.

I love that every Friday she still gets her hair done and gets a manicure. {she'd actually get very upset with me if she knew that I posted this picture above - - cause her hair was not done and she has no make-up on. But, hey, we were at our cabin. Let's hope she's not one of my "followers". But I think she's beautiful.}

I love how she'd always take us to McDonalds whenever she was in town, growing up. And she always had popscicles in the freezer waiting for us when we came into town.

I love that she doesn't want to leave this earth at all. She's still so full of life. She wants to see every grandchild married and, knowing her, possibly every great-grandchild too!

So. Happy Birthday Grandma! To the next 10 years!


  1. Oh! I love your grandma and am not surprized to see how great she is doing....didn't know she was a nurse.
    Hey, I just realized that you have "me, myself, and I" on your blog and I have "me, myself, and U" Funny!
    Hope being back to work went okay.

  2. Happy Birthday Grandma! That's so awesome. Great post.