Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Saving Money: Weekly Promo Offer 468 x 60

I think most people love to save money.
I know I do.

Well, we've been fans of this site for almost 2 years now.
We even discovered our favorite local pizza
place due to

And what I love is that they often have their gift certificates 80% off!
That's my kind of deal.
So. A $25 gift certificate is . . . $2!

So, click on the link above and it will direct you to their site.
Make sure you enter the code: SAVE
It's worth it! Let me tell ya.

Oh, and this is only good until March 14!

There are restrictions, so make sure you read the fine print (like buying maybe $35 worth of food, etc.)


  1. Love it! Unfortunately, they don't offer many restaurants in my area. My husband and I just recently challenged ourselves to go 1 month w/o eating out. 3 more days and we'll make it. :)

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