Thursday, March 24, 2011

"What I'm Loving" Wednesday

Okay. So I know today's Thursday. I just had a busy Wednesday.

But. What I'm loving is Picnik!!! If you haven't heard of it. Where have you been?

I absolutely love them. I don't have photoshop yet, so this is where I edit pictures {if they need editing - I try not to though}. It has so many cool features. Teeth whitening. Cool effects. Blemish fix. Frames. Stickers. And then you could even add text to them. This is what I use for the collages with rounded corners. It's how I made Ava's birthday subway art {tutorial coming soon - - just needed to figure out how to do screenshots} and also her birthday invites from her party.

Best part is that most of the features are free! Although, if you want all of the features, you just pay $25 a year. Come on people. Is that a deal or is that a deal?!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE Picnik!! There is sooo much you can do with it. Check out this blog post of what I did with Picnik!

    It's so worth the $25. Free option you doing get all the extras that are amazing!!